Life is about stories. Your life; your story. But can you live the story you want? You’ve always wanted to try snowboarding, but you can barely make it out to your car in the morning. Or maybe you love watching mountain biking videos on Youtube, but your bike is hanging from the garage ceiling, where you put it two years ago. Maybe you heard about an opportunity to help install a well for a remote village, but you’re not sure you can make the trek from where the road ends. Can you really expect your body to help you accomplish these dreams? Yes, you can.

The Yellowstone River

In a world where fitness means losing weight, let’s focus on fitness for fun. Not just exercising, but living the adventures you want. Living with intensity.  Be able to volunteer, travel, go backpacking, rock climbing, learn to snowboard, geocache, hike, hunt, play with your kids(or grandkids), or any other adventure you dream of. Stories you want to create, but may not feel capable of tackling.

What is your reason to get fit?

If you want to have stories to tell, you’re going to need to make some memories, and memories are built by experiences. What experience do you want? What’s holding you back? How can I empower and encourage you to get there? Intensity for Life is focused on encouraging and supporting you to keep your dream goal in focus as you pursue fitness to live a more experience-oriented story.

Don’t settle for rehashing the latest episode of your favorite show and living vicariously. We want you living the stories you have dreamed of. Next time you get together with friends and family, have more to talk about than the latest episode of some TV show . . . unless you’re on it.

Jumping at DCSP

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