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SR-1 Rogue Speed Jump Rope Review

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Why Rogue?

My Rogue Speed RopeI have owned my Rogue sr-1 speed rope for about 3 months now. I love it and highly recommend you get one.

I am six feet eight inches tall, so I had to purchase jump ropes that were ten feet long. Even at that length, they didn’t work right for me. I had to keep my arms squeezed in close to my body, especially when attempting to do double-unders. When I purchased my SR1, I also purchased a five-pack of the 11 foot replacement cables.

Built for Speed

When you buy a jump rope from a big box store, you are getting a general purpose rope. It won’t be anything fancy, but it will be a rope with handles. If you enjoy challenging your mind and body, you will quickly learn about double-unders, where you jump once but the rope must pass under you twice while your body is in the air.

The bearing assembly and cableA general purpose rope may work, but it will be a challenge. The Rogue speed rope is designed to be fast. It is built using a lightweight cable, rather than rope. The cable is about the same weight as a thin rope, but its diameter is reduced so it slices through the air easily. When you hit your groove, the rope literally whistles through the air.

Based on my experience with other ropes, even those with ball bearings, the action on this rope is much smoother than any other rope I have used. Any problems with the speed of the rope in its rotation has been the fact I wasn’t ready for how fast this rope is, and my body got in the way.

Microscopic Adjustment

The length of the Rogue sr1 speed rope is fully adjustable. Each cable has a fixed, swaged end and an adjustable end. The adjustment is made by loosening a small screw, sliding to the length you need and tightening the screw. Since I am the only one using this rope, I am able to really torque the screw down so it doesn’t move.

This adjustment is crucial, because as you progress from single unders to double unders, your jumping style may change. Before I got this rope, I wound up with stiff shoulders when I would use a jump rope from holding my arms in too close to my body to allow the rope to make it over my head and under my feet.

With the 11′ cable and plenty of room, my shoulders naturally started to relax and drop outward. This requires a longer cable, so I was able to slide the adjustment further down the cable and lock it into place.

Get a Grip!

The Handle AssemblyI like the handles on this rope. Due to my height, I have large hands, so I was surprised how much I like the narrow grips on this rope. Usually, I prefer large, bulky handles to get a comfortable grip, but the design of these handles allows me to keep a relaxed grip.

The grips are just over six inches long, with a tapered design that starts at 7/8″ and has a shoulder about one-fourth of the handle’s length. When I hold the handle, my thumbs nestle against this shoulder while my fingers wrap around the wider portion. This allows me to stay relaxed and quickly¬† whip the rope around for double-unders.

But they’re expensive!

I spent years buying inexpensive jump ropes because I didn’t want to spend over $15 on a jump rope. As a result, I think I went through five or six different ropes that ranged from $5 to $13.

At less than $20 for five replacement cables, I figured that alone would make up for the cost of broken ropes if I had kept buying cheap ones from the big box store. Since I do most of my workouts outside or in the garage, I know I will eventually break the cable, but so far with daily almost daily use, the cable is showing its toughness.

The plastic sheath is nicked and dinged, but there have been times it has caught on the garage door brackets and other sharp object while doing double-unders. The cable didn’t break or deform enough to affect its performance. I have not had to replace the first cable yet.

A Great Value

Could you buy a cheaper speed rope? Yes, I bought several. And many of them didn’t last as long as this one has. When you are training seriously, you need a tough rope that can take a lot of abuse. I have found the Rogue speed rope to be tough, fast and a joy to use.

Buy one now through Rogue fitness. They have a “3 SHIPS FREE” program, so if you buy a rope and a set of replacement cables, you can find another fairly inexpensive object to get 3 items to avoid the shipping charge.