Oil Change Tip

Hacking the Oil Change

Engine Oil NotesIf you change the oil in your vehicle, here’s a tip to simplify your job. I can never remember what size socket I need to remove the drain plug or exactly how much oil I need to put in the car.

I popped the hood on our vehicle and saw the previous owners had written the oil needed for a change in permanent marker on a piece of metal on top of the engine. I know this thing has a name, but I don’t know what it is (see parting thoughts below). Seeing that, I added the socket sizeĀ  for my own future reference.

Closeup Oil NotesNow I don’t have to dig around in the glove compartment when my hands are covered with oil getting everything messy and dirty, and getting in trouble because I forget to clean up my mess.

Writing on your engine. Awesome.

Parting Thoughts

I change the oil in our vehicles a little more than half the time. This procedure challenges my mechanical abilities and desire to learn about the workings of the internal combustion engine. I can take diagnose, disassemble, re-assemble, and program a computer. But cars confound me. I just want to drive them.

Many mechanics seem to have the same attitude about computers I do about cars. And, oddly enough, we all feel shame for our attitude toward the other person’s expertise. I feel guilty I don’t understand engines and they feel guilty they don’t understand computers. Let’s just learn to be proud of what we do know and call it good.

  • just me

    John said, “What a smart son!!! He must have a smart dad!!!

    • http://www.intensityforlife.com/ Jake Woldstad

      Thanks. Now I have to remember to add this note to our other vehicle, too.