Do Hard Stuff. Live Better.

Do Hard Stuff

Human beings were built to use their bodies and minds to find wasy to survive in any environment. Whether you consider ancient hunter-gatherer civilizations or the way humans have figured out how protect themselves from the elements in harsh environments, we thrive in areas our soft virtually-hairless bodies don’t seem sufficient to survive.

Our modern society shields us from the need to harvest our own food, and our technology shelters us from the worst of our environment. Don’t be afraid to step outside the comfort, embrace challenges, and do hard stuff.

Live Better

We must not let our society or our technology wrap us in complacency. It is easy to plug in to the internet and block out the real world, but this just drugs us into a numb existence highlighted by moments of mild amusement or unreal outrage.

When I am lucky enough to face a mental puzzle at work, it forces me to expand my knowledge and find a solution in a new arrangement of what I know along with information I must obtain.

My body is more capable than I think. People tell me it’s OK to let my fitness slide, give up activities I enjoy, and accept the fact I’m over 40 and it’s all downhill from here. There is no doubt my body is changing, but I will not give up. I have adventures to pursue.

Intensity For Life is my way to improve my capabilities, strengthen my body, and hone my mind. By engaging in strenuous physical activity, I believe we strengthen our minds as we strengthen our bodies.

Do Hard Stuff. Live Better.



Jake is a husband, father, and computer geek with a passion for snowboarding and mountain biking. The most important thing about fitness is it helps your body enables you to have more and better adventures.



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